Keep It Clean
A clean construction site often means a well-managed construction project.

The key to maintaining a clean construction site is having a dumpster available. Having a dumpster delivered early in in the construction process is an advantage for the work crew, the supervisor, and the owners.

When a dumpster is placed on site and is available, scrap and debris are easily and quickly gathered together in one place. There are advantages to having a clean job site.

Those primary advantages are a professional appearance and job site safety. With minimum trash lying around, workers are able to move from one area to another easily, without fear of tripping or falling. Potential accidents are reduced. Being able to throw garbage into a dumpster reduces the attractiveness of the site to “critters”.

Work can progress more quickly on a clean job site. Carpenters and tradesmen do not have to waste time picking through piles of scrap material looking for specific pieces of mat

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